Frequently asked questions


Jnee is a meta job search engine platform to assist candidates in finding ideal jobs and employers find suitable candidates.

Millions of people all over the world are looking for jobs relevant to their skill and interest. Moreover, many of the employers are unable to find qualified candidates for their open jobs.

Hence, Jnee aims to empower employment across the globe through one single platform making job search easier, with a database of millions of job listings and recruitments.

Find a job using Jnee in 3 easy steps:

We know finding a job is tough, Jnee makes it easier than ever!

Search from wherever you are

Enter the skills, jobs you want or what company you'd like to join Then in the next field put the location
You can enter for example Php, java, python and Tokyo in the location field

Pick & Filter from a curated list of jobs

jnee provides you the latest job openings according to the jobs you are interested in. You can also tweak your requirements with powerful filters.

Go through the job details and apply easily

Now you can apply for the job which you found best fit for you
Imagine, if you can apply for the job, simply with one touch.

Jnee is 100% free to use and we will never ask you for any kind of payment to access the search results.

Our mission is to revolutionise the recruitment process by bridging the gap between the jobseeker and employer.

To search for jobs in a specific country, go to Use the "Where?" field to specify the city or country where you want to work.

If you need more detailed information, check out the government website of the country where you would like to move.

Job search, made easy!

Visit our website at and fill out the "Job, Skill" you are looking for in the first field. Use the "Where?" field to specify the city or country where you want to work.

Swipe right on the ‘Create alert for this job’ in the upper right corner and you will be redirected to a page where you'll be able to enter basic details such as Name, e-mail, preferred location and job type.

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Proceed by clicking on the confirmation button in the e-mail and the service will be activated.

Confirming your subscription to the Job Alert service is essential to protect your privacy and to ensure that you receive e-mails properly.

We put our technology at your service in order to guarantee the best results.

You can also try these tips in order to improve your results:

  • be sure to run the search on the site of the desired country;
  • always enter both the job title and the city where you would like to work;
  • check for spelling and typing errors;
  • try using a synonym (e.g., shop assistant, sales assistant);
  • write complete words instead of using abbreviations (e.g., Human Resources instead of HR);
  • try to search a wider area (e.g., a region instead of a city);
  • expand the range of your search using filters.

Absolutely! Jnee is a fully responsive website and can be easily used on both smartphones and tablets, when you want and no matter where you are.

To use it, just open your web browser and enter as usual. The user flow and experience is so seamless, it makes it easy and comfortable with any given device!